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Ironside Stone Works Services

Ironside Stone Works sells Pallets of Quarry Stone, in a number of different designs to meet your project design.  We are one of the few quarries that can offer the same stone for all your construction needs, whether it is Stone for buildings exterior or interior, Hardscape driveways and walks or Landscape free standing walls. We offer hand picked colors and sizes to meet our Project's requirements. We also offer custom cuts for special projects, Artifacts, Monuments, Pillars, Water Features and more. 


Argillite Pure: Only a Blue Argillite stone with minimal Iron Oxide on each piece.

Ironside blend: Blend of Blue Argillite with stones that have Iron Oxide.

Ironside color: Blue Argillite with other colors

Custom Cut: 

This Stone has a natural break with a slight angle. parallel top and bottoms surfaces. If your projects need cut ends or custom cut sizes, we can accommodate your requests.

We also offer stone aging:

The stone has an old world look, but we can make it look even older by at either antiquing the stone or tumbling the stone.

Argillite, Bigsky Bronze Flag stone Elk
Example of Cisco Grove.jpg


4303 Frontage Dr. Helena, MT 59602

(406) 22-STONE


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