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The Panel above is Natural face Squares and Rec's, 2", 4" & 6" height.

The Panel below is our Cut Face Squares and Rec's  2", 4" & 6" height, with one stone as a contract to add visual entertainment.

These two panels are our Cut Face Squares and Rec's  2", 4" & 6" height, with a polished finish.

Ironside Stone  Works' Stone is  Argillite.

This Natural Stone is hard like granite, with fine grains in beautiful blue Argillite. Argillite is highly compact sedimentary or slightly metamorphosed rock that consists largely or wholly of particles of clay or silt but lacks the tendency to split along flat planes of weakness like shale or the cleavage characteristic of slate.


This stone has natural parallel tops and bottom, which makes it ideal for construction. Many of the pieces of stone come with small amounts of Iron-Oxide creating an amazing look.   


Argillite is one of the oldest rock and is a sedimentary rock which is a durable soft rock with fine grains in the rock. The rock is opaque and has a natural rough and dull texture but can be polished, see lower 2 panels.


Argillite has less maintenance than many sedimentary rocks.  It is durable, heat resistant, impact resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, wind resistant and acid resistant.


 This argillite’s surface color is dark blue with flexes of red and green representing the presence of Copper Oxide and has varying amounts of iron oxide making it look old.


Argillite Uses

  •  Architecture

    •   Interior Uses

    •   Decorative Aggregates, Homes, Interior Decoration

  •    Exterior Uses

    •   As Building Stone, Garden Decoration, Office Buildings

  •     Other Architectural Uses

    •   Curbing, Whetstones

    •   Used for flooring, stair treads, borders and window sills.


  • Antiquity Uses

    •   Artifacts, Monuments, Sculpture

    •   Fire resistant, Used to manufacture paperweights and bookends

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