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1. Products
      On the bottom banner of any page of this website you will find links

to product brochures and an array of our products.


2. Installation
     Get up to a 25 year warranty on installation

MVIS™ Air & Water Barrier Waterproofing, Crack Isolation, Air Barrier Me...

Introduction to Masonry Veneer Installation Systems by LATICRETE

LATICRETE® Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS)

MVIS Best Practices Part 1: Introduction and Job Site Basics

MVIS Best Practices Part 2: Adhesive Mortar Mixing

MVIS Best Practices Part 5: Installing Large Panel Natural Stone for Ver..

Improve Building Efficiencies and Durability with Waterproofing Membrane

MVIS™ Air & Water Barrier - LATICRETE

MVIS™ Hi-Bond Veneer Mortar - LATICRETE

MVIS™ Premium Pointing Mortar - LATICRETE


3. We have a number of distributors across the nation and into Canada.

     Please contact us and well will direct you to the closet distributor.


4. Warranty and Care for stone.

   Click here for our warranty

5. Shipping
     All shipments are FOB Helena, MT 59602

6. Product care

Just like other products, care is to be taken to keep these stones looking great.

Moisture and ultraviolet radiation will change the appearance of the stone.

Argillite stone can be sealed to minimize any iron-oxide from leaching.

Limestone will change color if not protected from sun light.

Even large stones will crack if left untreated from the elements.

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