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Benefits of Natural Stone


You can now enjoy the distinctive beauty of natural stone, harvested in the heart of Montana, with a variety of applications – both interior and exterior, natural stone offers a timeless beauty. This stone is kept in its natural state, with its many colors, textures, variations and can be cut to suit a variety of needs.


Ironside Stone’s unique parallel tops and bottoms add to the value of this natural stone. The Stone’s versatility offers numerous products and encourages limitless design potential. Interior applications of natural stone include fireplaces, wine cellars, walls and floors and even countertops. With advancement in in-floor heat, even these beautiful floors will radiate warmth as well as charm. Exterior applications of natural stone include outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, stone walls, patios, pool surrounds, water features with columns, chimneys and siding for homes and buildings. Natural stone exhibits a durability not found in other building materials. Unlike synthetic or man-made materials, Ironside Stone Works’ Stone products literally taken from a mountain, with minimal tooling they are 100% natural stone that won’t fade with time.


With growing concern over the environmental impact of materials used in any project, you can feel confident that natural stone is a green choice. It’s readily available as a naturally occurring material, with no off-gases to impair indoor air quality and possesses exceptional durability for low maintenance and structural permanence. Using natural stone for your projects shows that you care about the environment and consciously strive to preserve it.


As natural as it is beautiful, Ironside Stone Works’ Stone is remarkably easy to work with. If selecting stone veneer for your project, you’ll find it easy, efficient and economical. Our thin stone comes ready to use; some additional cutting or finishing may be required. It effectively provides more coverage versus traditional 4" to 6" stone veneer of equivalent weight, with no footing requirements. Its profile measures just ¾” to 1¼ ". Thin stone is also significantly lighter and easier to handle, resulting in faster installation and reduced labor costs. We also offer an array of designs from Ashlar, Stacked Stone, Ledgestone, Wall Caps & Sills, Arches for doors and window along with columns, mantels, and hearths.


This stone can actually be a more cost-effective alternative to man-made or cultured stone. In addition, natural stone is simple to care for, has an appearance that literally improves with age and can last a lifetime.


The advantages of natural stone

·         Timeless, unique appearance

·         Design capabilities of the through-body color material

·         Perceived value


Ironside tone works carry a full line of stone for your entire project.


Masonry Grade Stone: Ledgestone, Veneers, Cottage (both Natural and tumbled), Square and Rectangular, Ashlar, Sills and Wall Caps (Capstone) for all your building needs.


Landscaping Stone: Stack Stone, Drystack, Steps Garden stones, Hearths, Mantels, Columns, Borders, Bed Edging, and Special orders including Custom Fabrication.


Other items include RipRap for soil erosion control.


Natural Paving’s stone landscaping products are more attractive than concrete paving equivalents:

·         Each piece of natural stone has a unique blend of color and tones which makes your garden/driveway/ landscape, complete.  

·         The colors are natural stone, not pigmented, making it very attractive.

·         Natural stone will retain its look over time, even after years of trafficking.


Natural Paving’s landscaping stone products are more durable than concrete paving equivalents:

·         Natural stone is a durable frost resistant paving.

·         Natural stone does not wear, to expose aggregates.


Natural Paving’s stone landscaping products are easy to maintain:

·         Natural stone just requires simple cleaning.



Natural Paving’s stone landscaping products can be installed as easily as concrete paving equivalents:

·         The installation of natural stone does not require new skills; it can be laid similar to concrete.



Natural Paving’s stone landscaping products are a better investment than concrete paving equivalents:

·         Using natural stone materials will add greater value to your property.



Natural Paving’s stone landscaping products are sustainable and environmentally friendly:

·          Natural stone is the most sustainable building material, as resources of stone on earth are vast, plentiful and date back to their geological creations. 

·         Natural stone is exactly that, natural, meaning that our stone products have not been ‘manufactured’ in the way that other products are created.

·         As a natural stone, our products are recyclable and can be used as reclaimed paving and/or crushed and used for aggregates.

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